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The event organized by Mundus ‘Connecting Aragon with European Talent’ within the framework of SME Week exposes the benefits of working with international talent and opens an interesting dialogue about the current challenges in recruitment processes

Zaragoza, Spain 2024 – Yesterday, May 6, the first SME Week in Aragon began and the event ‘Connecting Aragon with European Talent’ organized by Mundus with financing from the Government of Aragon took place. In an effort to encourage internationalization and knowledge exchange, the event highlighted the importance of the Erasmus+ programme, especially for Vocational Training, and transnational collaboration in the business field.

The first part of the day focused on the testimonies of three host companies that host Erasmus+ VET students through Mundus: Xavier Guindano, architect; Alejandro García, from XELAB; and Lorenzo Pastor, from Anasaci and Mentalpage. These three speakers presented disruptive internship experiences. All of them have tested the HUB modality to work with Erasmus+ students. This HUB idea consists of bringing together several young people from different countries and even different professional fields to work on the same project. “Many times, due to the duration of the Erasmus+ program, the student did not get to witness the end of a project because, for example, in architecture they are very long processes and many months are needed,” Guindano said. With the HUB, students work on much shorter and more specific projects, designed especially for them, and can collaborate at the beginning and at the end.

In this first part of the event, there was also the spontaneous participation of Filippo, an Italian Vocational Training student who did his Erasmus+ internship with Lorenzo Pastor and who was delighted with everything he learned in his experience.

Learn about their experiences in these interviews!

Lorenzo Pastor (Anasaci and Mentalpage)

Alejandro García (XELAB)

Xavier Guindano (architect)

Subsequently, a round table moderated by Guiomar Sanz, Area Manager of Mundus Jobs, was held, where the current challenges in recruiting talent were addressed, especially at an international level, in SMEs. The participants included representatives of institutions, organizations and companies that are in constant contact with talent selection processes or who have in-depth knowledge of employability challenges: Antonio Oro de Aragón Exterior; Diana Marchante of ADEA; Javier Martinez Romero from CEEIARAGON; Jorge Alonso from CEOE Aragón; Marta Liébana from HENNEO and Álvaro Villacampa FROM EX24.

The day was inaugurated by Quique Miana, CEO of the Mundus Group, and closed by Ana Sanz Campos, General Director of SMEs and Self-Employed, who stressed the importance of attracting international talent and holding thematic events like this to strengthen the business community.

The event, presented by Silvia Fron Merchán, was a resounding success thanks to the contribution of all the speakers, participants and attendees who joined the afternoon of exchange and dialogue on international talent, employability and the fundamental role of SMEs in the panorama business.

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About the SME Week in Aragon

SME Week in Aragon is celebrated from May 6 to 12, coinciding with European SME Day (May 12).

It is the first time that a Week has been organized specifically around small and medium-sized businesses in Aragon. These are the muscle of the Aragonese economy, and essential in the structuring and development of the territory, since 99.86% of Aragonese companies are small and medium-sized companies.

The objective of this programme is to intensively focus on the challenges of SMEs in Aragon and raise their challenges and achievements to public debate, make success stories visible and contribute to the search for solutions and possible collaborations and synergies. All events have been organized with sectoral or territorial business associations.

  • 39 events and dynamics of all kinds,
  • co-organized with 39 entities in the territory,
  • which will be carried out in 15 regions,
  • with the collaboration and involvement of 70 entities (including business associations, town councils and regions).

The main themes are:

  • Social economy and circular economy, sustainability and new business models
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Talent. Innovation and digitalization
  • Business skills training
  • Networking activities and promotion of inter-business cooperation
  • Commerce
Download the full program here