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MUNDUS statement:

This last months have been a true challenge for all of us, but we believe on and are committed to a brighter future working together. This is the reason why we want to let you know that Mundus has continued to work during the lockdown period, having the chance to reflect and prepare for the mid and long term future of our mobility projects and collaborations with you.

We understand how delicate is this moment, and Mundus is committed to provide and implement a new way of working to ensure all our projects are run under the necessary prevention and safety measures. All partner organisations who cooperate with us, mobility participants and other stakeholders may be aware of the safety measures we are implementing at an organisation level:

  • STAFF MEDICALLY TESTED: Our staff will be regularly tested (three times a year, the first round is taking place during the month of June) on Covid-19 virus and antibodies. The goal is to ensure that all mundus STAFF who are in contact with mobility participants are free of infection. We understand this information is relevant for all the sending institution, mobility participants and their families.
  • TEMPERATURE DETECTION DEVICES: Our offices now have a digital temperature detector in the entrance. All mobility participants will be checked at least twice a week on their temperature when coming in for mentoring sessions and collect their pocket money. This way we ensure to diagnose any person with a fever stage.
  • STAFF SPECIFIC TRAINING: Our staff has undergone a COVID-19 safety training to be able to deeply know and implement the necessary safety protocols
  • AT OUR OFFICES: We have run a test by health and safety company to establish how many staff and guests can stay at the same time in our working venues in each room to be able to maintain the social distance.
  • DAILY CLEANING / DESINFECTION: Our working spaces will be daily disinfected according to the protocol stablished by the Spanish government, and both offices count on several disinfection stations with clear instructions on what protocol has to be followed while working in the office.
  • SAFETY KIT: All participants will get as soon as they arrive in Spain a safety kit (mask, gloves and an individual hand disinfection gel unit)
  • ON ARRIVAL TRAINING NEW CONTENTS: Our on-arrival training has been redesigned to include a session on sanitary and safety measures regarding Covid-19 in the hosting country.
  • AT THE COMPANIES: We ensure working with hosting companies and organisations which have the same commitment in terms of prevention and safety measures. 

At Asociación Mundus we continue to believe on international mobility as an extremely valuable learning tool for our society, and we are committed to find a new and creative way to keep working on what we love, and at the same time continue to work towards a Covid-19 free society. 

For any questions, suggestions and queries on the matter, you can contact us at and we will be happy to solve it.