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Erasmus+ VET internships abroad

Work experiences abroad offer numerous advantages, both personally and professionally. A placement in a foreign country can be a very enriching first work experience for students, providing them benefits ranging from language proficiency to global networking, including personal growth or cultural enrichment.

At Mundus, we’re delighted to to work with you and tailor our services to meet the specific educational requirements of your school and the different students’ professional fields so that you can offer this experience to the students of your center in an organized and super easy way.

Mundus Group offers different destinations for these internships: Zaragoza and the Canary Islands in Spain and Coimbra in Portugal. In each of these destinations, we have collaborating companies that ensure the quality of the work placement and we offer different cultural activities so that in their free time they discover the wonders of their destination.

Your VET students can live this experience thanks to the Erasmus programme!

Do you know how we work?

Services we offer


Mundus is in charge of finding a place for students, accompanying teachers, and other professionals coming to the city. To do this, we maintain daily contact with a wide network of suppliers, ensuring a comfortable and satisfactory stay for our groups. We offer a variety of accommodations, including hotel/hostel rooms and apartments, and we take meals into account as well. In cases where mobility participants do not cook, we seek agreements with restaurants or catering services to provide meals.


At Mundus, we can organize airport-city transfers both on arrival and departure.

For day-to-day transportation in the city, we encourage the use of public transport by providing transport tickets to participants. In cases where a longer journey is required, such as to an internship company, the Mundus coordinators will arrange for transfer in vehicles provided by our organization.


The coordinators organize follow-up tutorials during the stay. The main ones are the On Arrival Training where the city, the cultural activities, the housing rules and the internship companies are presented and the Final Training where the participants share how their experience has been.

Internships in companies

At Mundus, we are committed to connecting top European talent with the best local companies. Through internship programs, we strive to create a mutually beneficial relationship between our students and the companies they work for, adding value to their respective activities and staff. We believe that by promoting social responsibility and internationalization, we can contribute to building a more dynamic and diverse business community.


Mundus places great importance on facilitating cultural exchange and ensuring that mobility participants have access to the rich historical and artistic heritage of our destinations.

What will you get

Mundus offers you a complete experience. A training period in companies in your field of Vocational Training and intercultural activities so that you get to know life in the country first-hand.

Discover the world with us and enhance your curriculum.

Find here the destinations offered by Mundus Group, guaranteeing the same quality throughout the process.

Canary Islands

Take a step towards internationalization!