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Last week, from 18th till 21st of January 2022, representation from Asociación Mundus visited Italy for the project Europe for VET 2. In Bologna (Italy), the partners from Spain, Italy and Poland met for a 1-day Transnational Partner Meeting and a 3-days Learning Teaching Training Activity.

All project partners got together in person for the second time. The first meeting took place in Zaragoza, where the partners were hosted by Mundus itself. This time, we were guests in our partner organization IFOM in Bologna.

The project Europe for VET 2 aims to prepare employees from companies, hosting international Erasmus interns, for their role as a mentor. The objective of the project is to prepare for them an Online Training and Compendium with practical information regarding the hosting process, as well as a Metric which would help to get to know the companies better.

During the project, participants visited 3 different companies with their Mentors that regularly host VET students as interns: from the hotel, gastronomy and logistic sectors. They also met with a VET School teacher that accompanies students on their internships abroad as a group supervisor. They were asking them what needs a mentor can have in order to prepare them better for the hosting process of Erasmus VET students. Thanks to these visits, the partners will adapt the Online Training and Compedium to the specific needs of mentors and other workers that has regular contact with interns.

In order to prepare the Online Training in the best possible way, the participants took a part in a workshop with an expert about ‘How to prepare a training online’. They also exchanged their knowledge about different online tools and learning platforms that might be useful to make the training as interactive as possible. Apart from that, they prepared questionnaires for the evaluation of companies by different parties involved in Erasmus VET internships: students, group supervisors, intermediary organizations, as well as the companies themselves. Due to COVID-19, some of the sessions took place online. After the working sessions, participants visited Bolgna city and integrate, in order to get to know each other better and improve their partnership for a better future collaboration.

The project was really intense and will surely bring a positive impact in the process of hosting students. Everything to improve the quality of Erasmus VET mobilities.