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Last October 17 we celebrated in Barcelona the final conference of the MiGROW project in Barcelona. Read on here to find out what the experience was like.

This week, on October 17, we celebrate in Barcelona the final conference of MiGROW, the project on which we have worked in recent months on refugees, inclusion and mental health. The event was held in Barcelona because our partner entity is based there: Asociación Kudwa.

The day was successfully developed and was the perfect opportunity for the partners to meet for the last time before, discuss the ideas obtained thanks to the project and present the final results. During the conference, which was attended by dozens of people, there was also time to have interesting conversations with the audience, mainly about mental health, personal experiences and innovative perspectives. It was a hybrid event, so there was an audience present in the conference room, but it could also be followed online.

About the MiGROW project

With the MiGROW project, the main objective has been to raise awareness at local and European level about the importance of mental health and self-efficacy services for young refugees.

The living space of young refugees is characterized by factors that potentially threaten their psychological well-being. Furthermore, the self-efficacy of the target group is often limited by social and legal anchorage in society. Despite its relevance, the theme of mental toughness is underrepresented in the offers for the target group.

From Mundus, we want to thank the work of our partners in this project over these months:

Find out more about the project here.