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The Cheer You @P project has held its final meeting in Zaragoza and at Mundus we have had the pleasure of welcoming our partners to our city. Read more here about this meeting.

This week, at Mundus we have had the pleasure of welcoming our partners from the Cheer You @P project to celebrate the final meeting at our headquarters in the city of Zaragoza. The objective of this meeting was to identify the next steps of the project to ensure that it ends successfully after months of collaborative work, evaluate the results achieved and talk about the sustainability of the project and possible future new collaborations.

About Cheer You @P

Cheer You @P is a strategic partnership (KA2) funded by the Erasmus+ program, which innovatively addresses the challenges of female youth entrepreneurship. Through this project we wanted to raise awareness of the challenges of female entrepreneurship and European values ​​for cultural diversity and social inclusion, as well as contribute to debates on how entrepreneurship can help young women with fewer opportunities. At the same time, this project has made it possible to connect relevant stakeholders at local and regional level and has offered innovative and continuous training solutions through the publication of intellectual outputs (results of the project). On the one hand, different training courses have been offered and on the other, an e-learning platform has been created with modules to train in entrepreneurship issues and improve digital skills. The platform is completely free and any user with an interest in these topics can register.


Final meeting in Zaragoza

The meeting began with the presentation of three cases of successful female entrepreneurship: María López (President of ARAME), Alba Royo (Founder of Shiwa) and Denise Vorraber and Christina Teusl (Founders of FEMINDS).

María López is president of ARAME (Asociación Aragonese de Mujeres Empresarias y Profesionales), a multisectoral Aragonese Business Association, founded in 1989. Its scope of action is the Autonomous Community of Aragón, representing all the professional and collective interests of the associates. Alba Royo is a designer from Zaragoza who, at only 29 years old, has launched her own brand: Shiwa. As indicated on her website, Shiwa has become her highest form of expression, through her she exploits her creative side while sharing and reaffirming her philosophy of life and her values. In her presentation, she placed special emphasis on sustainability and the defense of labor rights in her sector. Finally, FEMIDS is an Austrian organization that unites women entrepreneurs and visionaries and encourages them to improve themselves personally and professionally. Through targeted exchange and networking with like-minded people, they want to ensure that women emerge as happier and more confident entrepreneurs.

After the presentation of success stories, the technical points of the project were discussed: next steps until the end of Cheer You @P, evaluation of the work carried out and the results obtained, and a very productive brainstorming that paves the way for possible future collaborations between the partners.

Once the meeting was over, the partners from Austria, Estonia, Greece and Poland toured the Aragonese capital and discovered the most typical places and traditions of the city.

From Mundus, we want to thank the work of all the project partners:

We are waiting for you in Zaragoza for the next one!