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ERASMUS+ YOUTH (KA3) - Daniel Gracia is one of the youngsters selected by the European project Erasmus+ KA3 Youth at the Frontlines of Change: A Roadmap towards a collective "South-North-East-West" European Momentum.

Daniel submitted a local project proposal that has been selected to receive one thousand euros, in addition to the necessary training, to set up a festival of youth and emerging art. in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. In this article he explains the proposal in depth.

After taking part in the Art Bienal in Santa Coloma, I realised the need to set up a festival of youth and emerging art to be the launch pad for a new appreciation of contemporary and local art in Santa Coloma.

About Daniel

Daniel is an artist born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, which holds a special place in his heart and which he wants to transform for the better. That is why his project is part of a local experience which triggered an idea within him. From participating in The Santa Coloma Art Bienal a while ago, Daniel realised that the average age was quite high, with him being the only young artist in the exhibition. This, along with his observation of the prevailing classicism in public institutions made him reflect on the need to boost youth and emerging art in the area, and also as a way of stimulating the flow of forms of contemporary art to those institutions.

From this, his initiative was born: A festival of youth and emerging art which seeks to become the launch pad towards a new appreciation of contemporary and local art in Santa Coloma. On the one hand, it will show off the work of local artists, as it is the utmost importance that local institutions support this kind of work. It sets out to reclaim the essence of existing local art in Santa Coloma, which, he tells us, doesn’t receive any visibility at all. On the other hand, this festival will stimulate the institutional support of young and emerging artists, who crucially need this boost.


A short interview with Daniel

Who are you and what is your occupation?

I’m Daniel Gracia, I was born in Santa Coloma de Gramenet and I devote myself to fine arts.

Explain your project to us.

My project consists in a youth and emerging art festival which seeks to become the launch pad for a new ecosystem for local contemporary art in Santa Coloma.

What objective does the festival have?

The festival, which will last a week, intends to show that it is possible to create an artistic ecosystem in the local area, creating support networks which can keep on operating from then on from this initiative that seeks to be the roots of the movement. It will be a participative festival, which will take place in various places in the city, trying to make the artistic value of the area visible. It will include local references, since I am convinced that it is necessary to count on these types of references to find their own roots.

What impact do you think it is going to have?

It will be a week in which the inhabitants, institutions and public spaces of Santa Coloma will set in motion collectively, transforming the space and social conscience surrounding contemporary and emerging art in the city. Apart from vitalizing culture in Santa Coloma, It will also revive the nurturing of local and emerging artists, which I think, by my experience, is of paramount importance for protecting our culture.


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