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GreenVETAfrica Midterm project meeting in Udine (Italy)

Last week, Mundus participated in the GreenVETAfrica Midterm project meeting in Udine, Italy, hosted by our project leader AREA.

Udine, November 2023 – Iva Perkovic, Project Manager at Mundus, travelled last week to Uudine (Italy) for the GreenVETAfrica Midterm project meeting. It was hosted by the project leader AREA and marked the first in-person gathering of the entire partnership. 

Experts from Nigeria, Ghana, Italy and Spain met with the purpose of conducting a mid-term evaluation, reflecting on the achievements of the first year, fostering collaboration, and strategically planning for the dynamic activities slated for the second year.

During this encounter the EU-Africa Waste Management VET Knowledge Transfer Workshop took place to discuss waste management, sustainability, reduction strategies, and vocational training programs across Europe and the possible adoption of these strategies to the GreenVETAfrica project for Nigeria and Ghana.

You can rewatch it here:

Currently, the partners find themselves immersed in the heart of the Train the Trainers initiative, focusing on the pivotal topic of Green Waste Management. Approximately 50 educators from Ghana and 50 from Nigeria are seizing this invaluable opportunity to enhance their skills. These dedicated trainers, equipped with newfound knowledge, will subsequently craft training programs for their students. In the months ahead, the partnership aims to extend the project impact by training young minds in both countries.

This initiative is not just about education; it’s about empowerment. By building the capacity of technical profiles in green waste management, the partners are contributing to a sustainable future, raising awareness, and fostering expertise in a crucial field. Mundus is very proud to be a part of this proactive and motivating journey!

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The GreenVETAfrica (GVA) ambition is to contribute to the Twin Transitions (Green and Digital) in alignment with the ambitious environmental objectives of the European Green Deal and the Europe – Africa strategic partnership.

The transition needs accelerating where the first pillar – digitalisation – progresses in line with the need of a green transition towards a decarbonized and environmentally friendly economy.

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