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Mundus is dedicated to generating positive change and innovation in vocational education and training (VET). As proud members of esteemed EU networks, including EfVET, EVBB, EAFA, OSHVET, and EUPROVET, our commitment extends beyond our institution’s walls. Participation in these networks empowers Mundus with access to cutting-edge knowledge and international collaborations, enabling us to influence EU VET policy-making, ensure program quality, enhance our visibility, and provide enriching experiences for our students.
This engagement fosters professional development, research opportunities, and continuous program improvement, amplifying our impact within the VET community and elevating the quality of education we offer.
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Networks we work with








EfVET, established in 1991, is a pan-European non-profit organization of vocational education and training providers. With 187 members worldwide, EfVET informs policymakers and promotes vocational education through cooperation, networking, and advocacy in EU institutions. It is an active participant in the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP), dedicated to ensuring equitable access to quality education across Europe and beyond.








EVBB, unites non-profit vocational education and training providers. With over 65 members across Europe, it aims to enhance VET quality, promote it as a preferred choice, and ensure equal access to advanced education. EVBB fosters cooperation, sets quality standards, and organizes conferences, workshops, and European projects on various VET-related topics, including quality assurance, practical guidance, youth integration, and combating unemployment.








EVTA, the European Vocational Training Association, unites VET providers across Europe. Established in 1998, it enhances VET quality, promotes cooperation with businesses, and provides expertise. EVTA supports work-based learning, internationalization, and the use of European reference tools. It envisions a forward-looking VET ecosystem and fosters collaboration among stakeholders to shape the future of training.








The YES Forum is a network supporting disadvantaged youth. They envision a society where every young person can reach their potential and have a voice in decisions. They promote civic education, social inclusion, and professional skills for vulnerable youth, emphasizing youth participation and sharing best practices in youth work to raise awareness at all levels.








In essence, EAfA is a collaboration between governments and key stakeholders, aimed at enhancing apprenticeships' quality, availability, and image in Europe. This is achieved through national and voluntary commitments, support for small businesses, engagement with social partners, and addressing important issues like gender equality and social inclusion.








Established in 1999, ALDA coordinates Local Democracy Agencies (LDAs) and collaborates with over 350 members from 45+ countries. It specialize in identifying funding sources and establishing partnerships to support community development, always promoting local democracy, active citizenship, and cooperation between local authorities and civil society.








ENE is a unique global network with 258 CoVEs across 40+ countries, including 16 ETF Partner Countries, 10 EU Member States, 14 African nations, 3 from Switzerland, and 1 Asian country, the Philippines. Its core functions involve fostering dialogue among Centres of Excellence for aligning student training with industry needs, facilitating research and development, and enhancing the reputation and visibility of CoVEs.