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The Erasmus+ Companies Newsletter

From Mundus, we present you Anfitronews, a weekly newsletter that gives you the opportunity to be aware of all the visits of groups of European students participating in vocational training programmes in the Aragonese territory. You will also find other relevant news that will surely catch your interest.

In AnfitrioNews you will find:

  • Details of the groups of students we receive, including their field of professional specialisation, as well as the dates scheduled for their stays.
  • Other local companies that are part of the host company network, hosting students who do their internships with them.
  • The most significant news about the strategic projects developed within the Erasmus+ programme in relation to vocational training and other topics of common interest, in which Mundus collaborates.
  • Volunteering and other opportunities available to young people, such as training and exchanges offered by the European Union.

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