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Mundus Association has attended a training activity in Petrinja (Croatia) organized by Udruga IKIS The activity is part of the Rise in Quality project whose objective is to exchange good practices in the field of ESC – European Solidarity Corps.

The specific theme was the management of volunteers in crisis situations. Different training sessions were held to learn about the subject.

Petrinja is a city in Sisak-Moslavina County that suffered a major earthquake in December 2020, making it the ideal destination to study local practices around crisis management and volunteer coordination in such situations. The participants were able to see the before and after the earthquake.

In addition, they enjoyed various practical exercises with the aim of learning first-hand about the challenges faced by people with some type of disability, such as vision problems.

Participating organizations: Croatia – Udruga IKS, France – Pistes Solidaires, Italy – Replay Net, Spain: Mundus Association.

Many thanks to Udruga IKS for sharing part of their story and giving us the opportunity to learn from their experience and the staff at Mlinski kamen for their generous welcome.