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The Bulgarian educational center has been sending students to the Aragonese capital for 10 years thanks to the Erasmus+ Vocational Training program and the collaboration of CDBS and Mundus

More than 400 students from the G.S. school Rakovski from the Bulgarian city of Varna have visited Zaragoza during this decade

Zaragoza, Spain 2024The mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, has welcomed this Monday at the town hall a group of Bulgarian students from the VTG Georgi Rakovski school who are doing internships in local companies thanks to the Erasmus+ program for Vocational Training and the collaboration between CDBS and Mundus.

The main reason for the visit was to celebrate the 10 years that this Bulgarian educational center has been sending students to the Aragonese capital and highlight how well received the students have always felt. More than 400 students have participated during this decade in the mobility program.

The mayor Natalia Chueca has spoken about the benefits that this type of mobility has for young people, comparing this experience with a place where new and fresh ideas emerge and great synergies arise between all cultures. On behalf of the institution, the mayor wanted to thank this group that represented the hundreds of students from this Bulgarian school who have passed through our city for always choosing Zaragoza as a destination for their educational and professional development: “Thank you for wanting to know our culture better, living here for a while and surely year after year it encourages us to receive more students from Bulgaria. I hope that these 10 years will be the first of many more.”

Likewise, the students have had the opportunity to share their culture and some of their traditions with the Zaragoza town hall in gratitude for the warm welcoming they have always experienced in this city. Four students, accompanied by the deputy director and a teacher from the center, gave short speeches about the city of Varna, its origin and its main activities; they explained how much this mobility means to them and showed the characteristic embroidery of Bulgarian culture.

These mobilities are possible thanks to the Erasmus+ program for Vocational Training that allows students to move to another European country to complete their professional internship period in foreign companies. The students of the school G.S. Rakovski, specifically, arrive in Spain through CDBS (sending entity) and Mundus (hosting entity).

About CDBS and Mundus

The joint work of CDBS and Mundus has gone beyond the experience of this single center. Throughout these ten years, more than 1,000 Bulgarian students from different schools have participated in a mobility to Zaragoza: “Our collaboration with Mundus has had a significant impact on the professional and personal development of these students who traveled to Zaragoza for internships in local companies in various sectors, including ICT, mechanics, marketing and agriculture. Zaragoza is a great Erasmus destination because it is safe, the people are friendly, and the companies are very open to receiving interns from various countries and backgrounds”, details Tanya Topalova from the CDBS organization.

Both Tanya and Quique Miana (CEO of Mundus) agree when talking about the impact that this experience has on the students, favoring the improvement of their intercultural and linguistic skills. “That is why many of the schools who participated hold Zaragoza close to their hearts and return to repeat this experience with new mobilities”, says Tanya from CDBS.

CDBS is a Bulgarian entity that has been working on European projects since 1993 and organizing courses and mobilities, among many other activities, to improve the employability of young people and create opportunities for development and improvement of skills.

Mundus is an entity also with wide experience in international mobility and educational projects. It acts as an intermediary organization, facilitating the entire process: managing all logistical aspects, searching for companies where to carry out internships, organizing cultural activities for young foreigners and offering mentoring and support whenever necessary.