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Mundus has been appointed again as National Contact Point of the European Vocational Skills Week!

MUNDUS is very happy to announce that we are the national contact point of the European Vocational Skills Week 2022 for another year. We have always been committed to quality vocational training, and the European Vocational Skills Week is a Europe-wide event that celebrates and highlights good practice in this field.

What is the European Vocational Skills Week?

It is an annual event organised by the European Commission that celebrates vocational education and training and brings together events organised by local, regional and national bodies and other partners working in the same field.

In 2016 it was held for the first time and following its success year after year showcasing the best of vocational education and training (VET), it will be held this 2023. the seventh edition. This year it will be held from the 23rd to the 27th of October with a series of events at European level during the year and a prominent participation of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The EVSW highlights how VET is a key component in Europe’s efforts to address economic, environmental and social challenges, such as those related to the economy, climate and social issues. It is a way of recognising that the skill set acquired through VET is vital for both current and future job demands.

In 2023, EVSW will be closely integrated into the broader context of the European Year of Skills (EYS).

Our work as a national contact point

The European Commission has selected 20 European organisations, one in each participating country, to play an active role before, during and after the European Vocational Skills Week.

Mundus has been challenged to be, one more year, the point of contact in Spain, and we have accepted the challenge, delighted to be part of a event of international standing which encourages young people to acquire certain skills that will be needed in the labour market of the future and to bring out their true potential.

Our mission as a national contact point will be to offer support to all those organisers of events and/or activities that exist at local level and to disseminate the European Vocational Skills Week.

How will we do this?


We encourage vocational training stakeholders at national, regional or local level to register their related events on the European Vocational Skills Week 2023 website.

We provide expert assistance to potential organisers of events/activities associated with the Week in our countries.

We encourage the public in our countries and networks to share their VET success stories on the VET Week website.

We contact local, regional or national media in our countries to disseminate information about the Week and the local activities that will take place.

We encourage the public to participate in the VET Excellence Awards to be held during the Week.

We promote the nominees for the VET Excellence Awards in our countries through our network of contacts and encourage the public to vote for them.

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What is the European Year of Skills?

The European Year of Skills aims to close skills gaps in the European Union and strengthen the EU’s skills strategy, with a focus on empowering people in digital and green technology skills. This involves providing skills for quality jobs and supporting enterprises, especially small and medium-sized ones, highlighting national efforts and EU initiatives and funding. Skills-related activities and events will be promoted across Europe.

Throughout the year, the Commission, the European Parliament, Member States, social partners, public and private employment services, chambers of commerce, educators, workers and businesses will work together to promote skills development.

The Year starts on 9 May and lasts 12 months, with numerous actions and initiatives.

All events and activities are aimed at:

  • Promote investment in education and training, enable people to stay in their jobs or find new ones.
  • Ensure that skills are matched to employers’ needs, through close cooperation with social partners and enterprises.
  • Aligning people’s aspirations and skill sets with labour market opportunities, especially for the green and digital transitions and economic recovery.
  • Attracting people from outside the EU with the skills needed.