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“Una vuelta al Mundus” is the title of our event of the 12th of December at the Pompeu Lab Center in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. It was a great opportunity to travel around “our” World, our Mundus, without leaving Santa Coloma.

What does it mean?

The aim of our event was to show different projects and internships that we do at Mundus every year and share with our partners – people who we work with from different organisations or VET professors – and people interested in experiences about international mobility projects.
We were very glad to receive questions and answer to dubts about our projects. We strongly believe international mobility is a powerful tool to empover people, personally and professionaly. We work also in sharing these kinds of projects to make European mobility a practice to which more people can be take part. 


Our event: Una vuelta al Mundus

The main topic of our event was the strategic project Belle, that currently being carried out. It is a cooperation project that aims to innovate and exchange good practices for Key Actions 2 (KA2) in the field of the Erasmus+ program. It is a long-term project with the puropse to enhancing adult education.

The afternoon was divided into three key moments. 

  • The arrival of our guests. First of all, we asked to them to write which kind of topic they were most interested: volunteering, youth exchange, communication, european projects, etc. It was important to undestand how making this meeting a great momento to learn and develop as many activities as posible in a short time. Moreover, we explained how we work in the field of European project and we presented our different departaments: communication, Youth, stategic projects, european projects, VET. 
  • Sharing. Each one of our guests spoke about his/her role in the field of international mobility.  
  • Focus. We found common interests and we started to explain in a more focused approach to each area in which they were interested.

Last but not least

In the end, we went to our new office to continue speaking and sharing in a more relaxing way about our projects, during an aperitif in which we could not only have a good time but also get to know our new office.