With the project MiGROW, we want to raise awareness on a local and European level about the importance of mental health & self-efficacy services for young refugees.

The Project

Project number
Type of project
KA2 project
Time period
2021 - 2022

The overall goal of MiGROW is to promote inclusion and diversity in the European society. Within the framework of our project, we focus on the area of education and training of young refugees. We view promotion of mental strength and self-efficacy as a crucial factor for happy and successful integration stories. Our goal is to develop and offer an innovative training program on empowerment & selfness for young refugees (18 to 30 years old).

MiGrow is in line with the EU Youth Strategy “engaging, connecting and empowering young people” as our project is strengthening cross-sectorial cooperation between NGOs and social businesses. Furthermore the active participation as peer-to-peer trainers of young refugees in risk of social exclusion and their empowerment is a major priority for us. Through our workshops and training curriculum we will constantly increase their social inclusion whilst building on common values for their new European identity in the host society.


The living space of young refugees is characterised by factors that potentially threaten their psychological well-being. In addition, the target group’s self-efficacy is often limited due to the social and legal anchoring in society. Contrary to its relevance, the topic of mental strength is underrepresented in the diverse offers for the target group.

Young refugees usually lack information and know-how about non-formal learning opportunities such as offered by ERASMUS+, ESK and national support services for improved participation and active citizenship. The successful integration of young refugees very often is hindered by a lack of “right information at the right time” and especially in times of COVID-19 restrictions with very few personal encounters, this situation is worse for them. In our workshops we can provide them with the necessary information and skills to navigate better and find out about the relevant offers for improving their situation and thriving their potential with the aim to being more “active” and “integrated” on both national and European level.


The project MiGROW wants to improve the situation by achieving these goals.

Offering workshops to strengthen general self-efficacy.

Development & implementation of an innovative training programme on empowerment & selfness for
young refugees.

Making support and participation opportunities visible in the EU.

Establishment of a European network to support the holistic integration of refugees.

To contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals #4, #5 and #16, through further local activities and international cooperation within and after this project.



National Workshop Series

10 in Austria & 10 in Spain for 200 young refugees. Topics: Mental training & selfness, cultural awareness,
access to information, entrepreneurship skills, Erasmus+ opportunities, etc.

Knowledge transfer between partner organizations

Thematic complementary & cooperation possibilities, joint development of a training programme (growth camp).

International growth camp

Interlinking of all thematic focal points. Duration: 8 days, Implementation: Austria. Participants: 20 young refugees from Austria & Spain.


6 Webinars for 10-15 European Organisations


This handbook addresses trainers and youth workers in NGOs that offer services in the field of migration and who want to support their target group with mental health issues. Through this handbook we share and offer inspiration and tools for workshops and training programs aimed at empowering refugees and migrants through strengthening their mental health.

Handbook for train-the-trainer



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