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A dialogue to improve the inclusion of students with disabilities in mobility projects

The VET4ALL Project Final Conference, a collaborative effort to improve the inclusivity of mobility projects for students with disabilities, has successfully concluded. This conference was one of the planned actions within the project’s ongoing mission to ensure that international mobility experiences are accessible to all. The event was organised by Zespół Szkół Ponadpodstawowych w Bystrzycy Kłodzkiej – the Leader of the Project.

Here are all the details:

Project number
Type of project
KA2 - Small-scale partnerships in VET
Time period
2021 - 2023
Final Conference AGENDA

The purpose of the conference

In today’s rapidly evolving labor market, international mobility projects offer students a valuable opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in their chosen fields of study. The main goal of this event was to empower organizations involved in vocational education and training activities with the tools needed to foster inclusivity for students with disabilities. The project partners involved in VET4All have worked together over the time period that the project has lasted to produce comprehensive guides addressing the process of making mobility projects more inclusive.

vet4all final conference screenshot

The Target Audience

The conference was designed to cater to two main groups: individuals working within the education sector and those engaged in the organization of mobility projects. This included technical schools, educators, mentors, institutions managing internships, and employers participating in the Erasmus+ program. Thanks to the involvement and active engagement of these stakeholders during the event, along with their valuable feedback, it has successfully promoted inclusivity in mobility projects.

vet4all conference photo

This is what went down

During the conference, participants had the chance to learn all the details about how they can use these guides, gaining insights into available strategies, best practices. It also served as a platform for sharing some real-life success stories, and promoting inclusivity in the field of vocational education and training with real accomplishments made with the tools presented.

vet4all final conference photo

Mundus' role in the conference

Iva Perkovic, the project coordinator in Mundus presented the project result number 4: Preparation of VET students with disabilities for participation in Erasmus+ mobility projects: Focus on the ‘before-mobility’ phase.

Mundus, the spanish partner of the project  provided valuable insights and strategies in preparing VET students with disabilities for their participation in Erasmus+ mobility projects. The ‘before-mobility’ phase is a critical stage in ensuring that students are well-prepared and supported before embarking on their international journeys, and Mundus’s contributions were based on its expertise on the topic.

More information

To learn more about the insights shared and the impactful discussions that unfolded during the conference, visit the project website. There, you’ll find all the  detailed resources that can help you to promote inclusivity in mobility projects.

Visit VET4ALL' website
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