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On November 29, the last meeting of the Rise in Quality project took place in Rome. Iva Perković, the project technician at Mundus, attended the meeting online.

The Italian partner Replay Network welcomed the rest of the international partners so that they could learn about the reality of Orti Urbani di Largo Veratti, Parco Veratti/Gino Strada and the Cuore Sociale association that in the future is planning on developing green mobility projects with the support of international volunteers motivated to help.

During the meeting we also had the opportunity to learn about other European projects in which the Replay Network educational center participates, such as Learning Bubbles, which purpose is to facilitate collaboration between very different worlds: the school, community urban gardens and the digital world. A proposal that seeks to combine the beauty of the natural environment, technological innovation and tradition to promote the well-being of its local communities.

Thanks to Vanessa, to Centro Aggregativo Myo Spazio and Linkiostro, as well as the students and teachers who shared their experience with us.

Many thanks to the partners involved in the Rise in Quality project for their collaboration and for the work that they have done.

The outputs created throughout the course of the project will soon be available.