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SAAM, the project funded by the European Commission that Mundus has coordinated, has revolutionized Vocational Training with an international mobility program between Africa and Europe

The SAAM partners have celebrated all its successes at a final meeting in Praia (Cabo Verde) from February 13 to 15, hosted by EHTCV

Praia, Cabo Verde 2024 – Last week, the Mundus team travelled to Praia (Cabo Verde) to attend the final meeting of the SAAM project, a pilot mobility scheme for Vocational Training funded by the European Commission which has been promoted by Centro San Viator (Spain) and coordinated by Mundus (Spain). After four incredible years of dedicated efforts, the SAAM project proudly announces the successful conclusion of its mission aimed at boosting vocational training mobilities between Africa and Europe, alongside capacity building initiatives.

From February 13 to 15, SAAM project partners reunited for their final in-person meeting in Praia, hosted by the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Cabo Verde (EHTCV). During these meeting days, participants have delved into the latest results, reflecting on the project’s journey, and celebrating the victories achieved throughout its duration.

The culmination of the meeting was marked by a public event on Thursday, hosted at the EHTCV headquarters. This event showcased the achievements of the SAAM project and its impact on the entire partnership. Moreover, it showcased the experience in Cabo Verde as the host country of this encounter. This event was attended by the presence of numerous representatives from embassies and other institutions, alongside other stakeholders and schools interested in learning about the project’s outcomes and accomplishments.

Ms Aldina Delgado (EHTCV) and Mr Alfredo Garmendia (San Viator) inaugurated the event, representing the school organizing the meeting and the project promoter, respectively. Following their opening, Mr Olavo Correia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and Ms Carla Grijó, Ambassador of the European Union to Cabo Verde, delivered institutional remarks emphasizing the positive impact of mobilities and knowledge exchange between continents.

Subsequently, Ms Béatrice Bellet (Mundus) provided an overview of SAAM, detailing its origins, phases, and the successful outcomes achieved. Ms Sara Sechi, representing Don Bosco International, and Fr Maximus Okoro, from Don Bosco Tech Africa, reflected on SAAM’s impact in Africa.

Concluding the event, just before the closing remarks by Mr Olavo Correia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, testimonials were given by participants of mobilities from Cabo Verde and one of the centers that hosted its students in Portugal (Insignare). Additionally, representatives from European networks EVBB, EfVET, and YesForum offered their perspectives.

Certainly, the partnership also had the opportunity to explore the facilities of the EHTCV school, including its student accommodation, and tour the island with two EHTCV students who are studying Tourism at the center. We couldn’t have asked for better guides! Obrigado!

About SAAM

SAAM is a project funded by the European Commission that aims to enhance Vocational Training through international mobility between Africa and Europe. The initiative is led by the San Viator Center (Bilbao, Spain) as the promoting entity, with Mundus (Zaragoza, Spain) serving as the coordinating organization.

In collaboration with 36 partner organizations from 16 African countries and 8 European countries, SAAM has successfully facilitated over 500 mobilities for students, teachers, and professionals in Vocational Training over the four-year duration of the project.

The primary objectives of this pilot project are to test the action of educational mobility between Africa and Europe, learn and enhance knowledge, exchange methodologies and best practices to enrich Vocational Training systems on both continents, and bring the two Vocational Training systems closer for future mobility projects. The three specializations in Vocational Training being tested for intercontinental mobility are engineering, tourism, and agriculture.

The work in SAAM marks a significant milestone in fostering global partnerships and advancing educational opportunities.

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Watch the reel summary of the SAAM meeting in Praia 2024: