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The second newsletter of the project SUSTAIN is here!

Our project SUSTAIN has published its second newsletter. Find it here.

There, you will find information about the project activities, outputs, current tasks and news about the partners.

As a reminder…

The main focus of SUSTAIN is on innovative education that effectively addresses environmental issues. Initially, the project has examined the available data on air pollution and biodiversity loss to develop precise and tailored educational materials. This has culminated in a teacher’s guide that enables them to impart knowledge to their students about biodiversity loss, its link with air pollution, the causes of air pollution, and ways to mitigate it while preserving biodiversity. You will find it on this new publication.

At the moment, SUSTAIN is introducing a comprehensive learning solution that incorporates gamification through Minecraft. An exclusive Minecraft world will be created with engaging storylines and challenges, allowing students to learn in a virtual, pollution-free environment.