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On September 19th and 20th the partners of the project Go4Vocational Skills met in Zaragoza for the second transnational meeting, organized by Mundus, to discuss the overall state of the project, the results of the work that has been done so far and the next steps to take.

This project aims to better the quality of education in the European technical schools through the implementation of specific tools to assess student’s preparation for the job market.

Partners had the opportunity to visit CIFPA Aragón and Bauhaus with the aim of collecting information regarding competencies required for job positions in the logistics sector.

During the visit to CIFPA Center of Innovation in VET Education in Aragón the partners got to know the facilities of CIFPA, especially areas related to Training in the logistics sector. CIFPA is the national leader for teachers training in logistics. Apart from that, Teresa Lasala – Main advisor of Agency of Qualifications of Aragón, presented a Competency assessment and the process of the accreditation of competences on national and regional level.

Partners also visited BAUHAUS, the leading brand in home renovations, decoration, garden and construction, present in 19 European countries with more than 270 stores, 11 of them in Spain. This company participates in different European projects, also acting as a hosting company for the VET international students. Ana Royo, Head of HR spoke about the competencies in logistics which are required for the job positions in the company. 

Many thanks to all project partners for their participation in this meeting, and CIFPA Aragón and Bauhaus for receiving us and sharing their knowledge for the purpose of this project.