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The training ‘International Migration to Europe: Dangers and Opportunities’ took place at DBTI Sunyani (Ghana) on the 3rd and 4th of May of 2024. This is part of the training modules designed on Skilling Eco VET project.

The sessions were taught in a workshop style and lasted two full days. This training addressed the critical need for educators to understand and effectively communicate the risks associated with irregular migration from Ghana to Europe.

Skilling ECO VET Workshop - International Migration to Europe

Sunyani, Ghana 2024 – We just wrapped up an impactful two-day training session in Sunyani, Ghana.

As part of Skilling ECO – VET project Mundus team travelled to Sunyani (Ghana) to organize the  training module ‘International Migration to Europe: Dangers and Opportunities’ that addressed the critical need for educators to understand and effectively communicate the risks associated with irregular migration from Ghana to Europe.

The focus was on developing Capacity Training modules and materials. Led by Lord Horlali Bobbie, an experienced Job Service Officer, the session aimed to delve into the complexities of migration.


The context behind this training


Migration is a significant global issue, especially in West Africa where economic disparities drive many to seek better lives abroad.

Educators must understand the complexities and dangers, including human trafficking, exploitation, and the hazards of irregular routes. This knowledge equips them to guide students considering migration, highlighting its risks and potential impacts on families and communities. By fostering awareness and resilience, educators can help mitigate these risks. This training has been crucial for promoting informed decisions, safeguarding well-being, and supporting the community’s social and educational development.

Objectives of the training


  • Unveiling the real challenges and risks of irregular migration to Europe.
  • Highlighting the dangerous misconceptions around irregular channels.
  • Discussing the stigma faced by returnee migrants.
  • Exploring employable alternatives for potential migrants and refugees.

Participants profile


DBTI Sunyani staff

VET teachers


JSO (Job Service Officer)

10 people




First day of training: Expectation vs Reality

During this session, participants reflected on what Europe means to them and why someone from Ghana might wish to migrate there.

James Wood, the Focal Point for Migration and Human Trafficking for VIS in Sunyani, shared his firsthand experience of traveling from Ghana to Europe. He highlighted the dangers of relying on criminal networks for migration.

The session also covered the legal frameworks for migration at both global and European levels. Participants discussed common misconceptions about the legal protections for irregular migrants and how these misunderstandings can drive young people to migrate without adequate information. Finally, information on safe and legal migration channels was provided.

Second day of training: Returning: Challenges and Opportunities

On the second day the focus was on the return process and the societal challenges faced by returnees from Europe.

Emmanuel Kwadjo Kyeremeh, a returnee, shared his difficult journey to Libya and the rejection he experienced upon returning to his community. The participants discussed the high expectations placed on migrants by their friends and family, leading to rejection if they do not meet these expectations.

The session concluded with participants developing strategies to support returnees at a community level, utilizing educational and institutional resources. They also considered the impact of returnees’ hardships on their mental health and agreed on the necessity of providing additional support.

Here are the main conclusions:

This initiative emphasized the significance of education and highlighted the key role that community influencers (youth workers, local trainers, teachers and job service officers…) have in equipping the future generations with a better comprehension of issues such as international migration.

These leaders will also play a vital role in promoting the personal development of their students, offering them new perspectives, and empowering them to make positive and informed decisions that are safe and beneficial in the long term.

Here’s a brief  summary of the training in Sunyani, Ghana:


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