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From July 3 to 8, the training activity of the WBL2 project “joint staff training event” was held in Sofia (Bulgaria), attended by three Salesian teachers with the aim of creating bridges between the formal and non-formal education sectors in the labor market.

Several partners and professionals from different entities and sectors met and discussed the best way to create a cooperation network and the key aspects of the project.

The objectives of this training activity are:

  • To analyse the local work phase and the connections between the different stakeholders from each of the participating communities
  • To create an open space, focused on setting conditions for facilitating WBL at national and international level, through sharing best practices and concrete examples, inspired by cross sectorial networking that will be further operated
  • To explore practical examples of successful WBL schemes implementation, in order to use them in a conducive way for integrating such activities in the formal education plannings, as a way to empower youth to successfully enter the job market, thus increase the youth potential and the possibilities for target groups to become better employable. 
  • To enhance the competences of participants in terms of attracting additional stakeholders in the newly created cooperative network, for being able to further develop its use after the project end
  • To provide recommendations on how the WBL Community network shall be set up, in order to achieve optimal use by the stakeholders and interested parties

Thank you to everyone who participated in this activity for their work.