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The KA2 Cheer You @P project comes to an end and here are its results. Read on to find out more about this project.

CHangemakers education for more Equality, Entrepreneurial spirit and Resilience focusing on Youth through online Platforms (Cheer You @P), the strategic partnership (KA2) funded by the Erasmus+ program that innovatively addresses the challenges of female youth entrepreneurship, comes to an end after months of fruitful collaboration between partners from Austria, Poland, Estonia, Greece and Spain.

This project sought to raise awareness of the challenges of female entrepreneurship and of European values for cultural diversity and social inclusion, as well as contribute to discussions on how entrepreneurship can help young women with fewer opportunities.

Since 2020, Cheer You @P partners have worked with the following goals in mind:

  • Innovate business education
  • Foster the educational skills of youth workers/trainers/teachers by supporting them to overcome gender stereotypes in their youth work environments.
  • Identify, design and pilot entrepreneurial ecosystems that support women entrepreneurs in the different partner countries.
  • Improving the digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills of young workers and young women with fewer opportunities
  • Creating a positive impact and spreading entrepreneurship during the COVID19 crisis through a sustainable digital network

In addition to holding various international meetings and offering training courses, the partnership has developed three materials to achieve these goals:

  • Online survey on female entrepreneurship and support mechanisms in each country (500 participants). (Access here)
  • Mapping of entrepreneurial ecosystems, focusing on supporting women entrepreneurs in 5 countries. (Access here)
  • Online platform to learn about entrepreneurship and digitization. (Access here)

If you want to discover more information about Cheer You @P, visit the project website or download the latest newsletter.