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This week, the partnership of the project Sustain held a meeting in Germany to discuss the progress and the next results.

The partners of Sustain have reunited this week in Vechta (Germany) in a meeting organized by the University of Vechta. 

This was the second transnational meeting of Sustain and during the meeting days, the partners have reviewed their progress to date and discussed their plan for the upcoming project result. They aim to develop a Minecraft game designed for students aged 9-12 to learn about biodiversity loss in an engaging and interactive manner.

The project Sustain was created because of the increasing concern in relation to the steady loss of biodiversity. Given that the latter is crucial for for a healthy productive ecosystem and provides us with vital benefits such, medicinal resources, pharmaceutical drugs, food, protection of water resources, pollution absorption, end more, it is crucial and urgent for a solution to be found.

Therefore, Sustain is centered around effective innovative education. Firstly the project analyzes the available information on the topics of air pollution and biodiversity loss in order to produce accurate and specific educational materials. This will result to a guide for teachers that will allow them to provide education for their students regarding biodiversity loss, its connection with air pollution, air pollution causes and ways to reduce air pollution and preserve biodiversity.

At the current moment, the project is working to provide a complete gamified learning solution based on Minecraft. A dedicated Minecraft world is being created, infused with narratives and challenges, were students will learn inside a virtual pollution-free community.  

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