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The Cheer You @P partners celebrated a meeting in Lefkas from the 6th to the 7th of June to evaluate the work done until now and to plan the following months

On the 6th and 7th of June, a Project Management Meeting of Cheer You @P was celebrated on the island of Lefkada (Greece). The objective of this encounter was to discuss the current state of the project, to evaluate all the work that has already been done and to establish deadlines for the next activities.

The most important issues discussed at the meeting were the project management, planning upcoming events, the communication strategy of the project and the status of the Intellectual Outputs. 

Regarding the project events, from the 1st to the 7th of September the project Cheer You @P will hold a training course in Austria for youth workers/teachers on innovative approaches to leadership skills, mentoring and coaching of young female entrepreneurs. Also, the multiplier events are approaching, these events have the purpose of increasing the project scope and impact by showing and explaining the results already obtained to the citizens interested in the project. 

So far, Cheer You @P has been successful in collecting results through an online survey on female entrepreneurship and supporting mechanisms in each country to study the problems faced by women entrepreneurs at local and regional level in Estonia, Poland, Spain, Greece and Austria (the partners’ countries). This survey was also helpful to study on possibilities of designing and implementing entrepreneurial ecosystems supporting female entrepreneurs. Also, for that second objective, the project has also produced a mapping of existing Entrepreneurial Ecosystems with focus on support for young female entrepreneurs.

Here you can read the results of the survey.

The communication and dissemination of the project was also a key topic of the meeting since it is the way to bring the progress to the citizenry and target groups. In this part of the meeting, the promotion strategy of the learning platform was also presented.

The Online Guidance Platform of Cheer You @P is the Intellectual Output 4 of the project.  This output consists in the creation of interactive training modules to support peer-to-peer transnational learning experiences and fostering entrepreneurial skills and digital literacy. The platform will be ready for the summer of 2022.

Lefkada is where the headquarters of Solidarity Tracks are located and the partners also had some time to participate in some cultural activities on the island.

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