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The second newsletter of the project SUSTAIN is here!

During these days Mundus organized some activities to work in the development of good practices/procedures/tools/behaviour patterns in the field of adapting procedures used in mobility projects in terms of the participation of people with disability. 

We had the opportunity to talk with Gardeniers, an eco-social project launched in 2011 by the Aragonese Guardianship Association for Intellectual Disability (ATADES). ATADES is an organization that cares for people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Aragon and which employees with a disability consist of over 75% total staff.

We also met with Aida Gastro Espacio, one of the regular companies that host international VET students from the cooking sector coordinated by Mundus. Its manager, Jorge Alarcón, shared with us his experience as a hosting company, and what it involves.

We visited Colegio La Purísima para niños sordos de Zaragoza, a local school that caters to a very diverse group of students: children with hearing loss, problems associated with hearing loss, language delays, visual impairment, motor difficulties, students joining the educational system late. Thanks to the participation of 8 people with disability, this visit  gave us a better understanding on good practices in order to implement traineeships in Italy.

Aditionally, two organizations that have experience working with students with disabilities gave us two online presentations. Ainhoa de la Cruz, Head of the Social Inclusion Department of Centro San Viator (Bilbao) explained how to develop VET Mobility projects for students with disability and Karolina Ganowska, from Uniser taught us how to facilitate job placements for students with disability.

Last but not least, Mundus hosting department team developed a workshop on the perspective of a hosting coordinator on hosting students with disability.

This meeting was very fruitful to gather a lot of new procedures and good examples, that we will present in May during the conference in which the results of the VET4ALL project will be shared.

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