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TLN Mobilicat

TLN Mobilicat is a project promoted by the Servei Públic d’Ocupació (SOC) of the Generalitat de Catalunya and is financed by the European Social Fund through the Youth Guarantee program, a European youth employment initiative to reduce youth unemployment.
Through TLN Mobilicat, young people registered in the Youth Guarantee registry, and who meet the requirements established above, can obtain a scholarship to carry out internships abroad. Mundus is one of the organizations that manages TLN Mobilicat projects in Catalonia.

16 weeks of professional internships in the field that best suits your profile


The internships are carried out in a European destination

Every year, depending on the province of Catalonia in which you reside, you can choose a destination in a European country.


TLN Mobilicat scholarships help to:

  • Enhance the professional and personal skills of the participants
  • Improve the labor insertion of young people through a personalized itinerary of accompaniment and support
  • Facilitate the possibility of staying abroad with a scholarship that includes:
Language course
Intercultural preparation
The entire TLN Mobilicat experience is divided into 4 phases: registration, preparation, internship stay and, finally, the job orientation phase.


Anabel CabreraTLN in Forli, Italy

Every day is a new opportunity in which to challenge oneself, improve oneself, discover oneself and that must be made the most of so that one by one they complete this unique experience.

Antonio HidalgoTLN in Forli, Italy

I've had a great time! I encourage you to participate and don't be afraid to leave your house, you have to get out of your comfort zone!

Miquel GrauTLN in Pau, France

The truth is that it has been a very intense experience in every way. Apart from the language and having gained work experience, I have learned a lot from my colleagues and everything together has changed the prism through which I see some situations and reconsidered many aspects.

Laia PlanaTLN in Lisbon, Portugal

I take from all this 5 adventure companions, a great experience and the desire to continue traveling the world. And it is that as the Portuguese would say, I still have not left Lisbon, and I already have "saudade".

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