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What is a Training Course?

A training course is a project under the Erasmus+ program, funded by the European Commission, aimed at young people and individuals active in the youth field (youth workers, members of youth associations, or volunteers in this area). Its main objective is to promote mobility and training through a course abroad that involves people from different European countries.

Training courses aim to develop participants’ competencies and enhance their skills through methods of non-formal education. They usually last between 1 and 2 weeks, and anyone over 18 years old can participate in them.

Below, you have an infographic that visually explains what an Erasmus+ training course is. Feel free to consult or download it.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at, telling us who you are and how we can assist you.

How to make a good CV and Cover Letter?

Once you have found a project you like, to apply for a place, you will almost always have to send us your CV and your Cover Letter for that particular project. Both documents must be written in English or in the language of the country you have chosen to do the project.

These documents will be your introduction letter to the host association or hosting organisation, which will be in charge of the selection process. So don’t forget to write them with your target audience in mind: what would they like to know about you?

The design is up to you, but we recommend using the Europass website which has online templates for both the CV and motivation letter in different languages.

Curriculum Vitae

Cover letter