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More than a hundred young people attend the Mundus International Youth and Mobility Fair and the INAEM Employment Workshop “Moviendo el Mundo Joven” to discover opportunities and participate in workshops and talks given by mobility professionals

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 21, Mundus and the Employment Workshop of the Aragonese Employment Institute (INAEM) “Moviendo el Mundo Joven” held a Youth and International Mobility Fair at the Aragonese Youth Institute (IAJ). The objective of the conference was to publicize mobility offers and explain this type of opportunity through workshops and talks given by professionals from Mundus, an expert entity in international mobility, and the students of the Employment Workshop.

Adrián Gimeno, Managing Director of IAJ, and Enrique Miana, President of Mundus, opened the fair highlighting the professional and personal benefits of programs such as Erasmus and referring to the European Year of Youth of the European Union. To kick off the fair, Clara Beltrán, Mundus reception coordinator, and Clara Badenes, Mundus strategic projects coordinator, explained their own experiences abroad and presented the European projects in which the entity works to innovate in the field of mobility.

All the activities of the fair were aimed at both young people and entrepreneurs interested in spending a stay in other countries and there was also the presence of participants from Italy, Malta, Bulgaria and Poland who are currently completing their mobility in the city of Zaragoza. . The fair closed with a batucada workshop.

Many of the attendees commented that the mobility opportunities, beyond the Erasmus program for university students, are not known. That, in addition to placing Zaragoza on the map as a key destination for this type of experience, was the main objective of the fair.



Mundus is an organization with a decade of experience in the field of international mobility. Our main activity is the reception of Erasmus students who carry out Vocational Training internships in the city of Zaragoza, but we also have a Strategy and Innovation Department that works with European projects and a Youth Department that sends young people to volunteer, training and exchanges abroad.

The INAEM Employment Workshop “Moviendo el Mundo Joven” is an initiative that arose as a possibility to train a group of female students to work on the mobilization of the young world in an international context, this being a great opportunity to reconcile training and employment.