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Youth opportunities

Discover the world and live the Erasmus experience

Mundus services for the youth


Paula GalterVolunteering in Portugal - April 2023

To anyone thinking about volunteering, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the plunge. It's an incredibly valuable experience that you will remember forever

Noelia RodriguezVolunteering in Poland - April 2021

Everything we dream of is beyond fear

Claudia FloresVolunteering in Italy - April 2023

It has been one of the best periods of my life, and I recommend everyone to have an experience of this type. I take with me not only the time in Palermo, which is a wonderful city, but also another family, I cannot describe the luck that I've had these months of running into such amazing people both at work and in my personal life

Vladimir KeenoyVolunteering in Portugal - Summer 2023

If I had the option to go back I would, but given I did long term this doesn't seem to be an option, however I strongly encourage others to take that first step and try volunteering, you won't regret it.

Laura ZaldívarVolunteering in Poland - October 2023

Leaving aside the competences gained, what has filled my heart the most has been to share this experience with wonderful people from different countries. I’ve learned a lot about other cultures and made amazing friendships, with whom I’ve travelled and lived a lot of adventures.