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An IT platform that will provide free access to vocational schools, enabling students to test their preparation for the labor market in these in-demand sectors: logistics, renewable energy, construction

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This platform also includes a self-assessment tool for measuring SOFT SKILLS.

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The Project

Project number
Type of project
KA2 - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training
Time period
2022 - 2025


The project complies with the Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) and is directly related to the horizontal priority of Erasmus+: addressing digital transformation. Go4VocationallSkills is an example of an action that supports innovative practices in the digital age. The implementation of the project will allow a more complete use of various forms of education, including the use of IT tools as part of vocational education.

Objective of the project

Go4VocationalSkills is a strategic partnership (KA2) funded by the Erasmus+ program, which aims to improve the quality of education in technical schools in Europe by implementing a tool to analyze the skills gap of students studying in vocational schools. following professions: construction technician, logistics technician, renewable energy technician.

This objective will be implemented by supporting schools to make the teaching process more attractive, including distance learning, by developing solutions that permanently improve the quality of teaching and adapt professional training to market expectations.


The main result of the project will be a tool for the comprehensive evaluation of the skills of students in the following technical professions: construction, logistics, renewable energies

Competency profiles for selected professions and positions

Proficiency tests for the fields of study mentioned above

Computer tool for the automatic evaluation of the level of competences and compliance with the profiles of Result 1

Proposed interpretation of proficiency test results along with exemplary development activities (including funding)

Increased awareness of young people about the benefits and advantages of their participation in practical training programs, nationally and internationally.
The project will also produce numerous non-material results and will open a space for further debate in the field of adapting vocational training to market needs.


Dobre Kadry
Poland - Coordinating entity
Horizont ProConsult
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